Friday, April 15, 2011

Nail Lust

Good day :) I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and kind of stressed out about all of the projects and assignments I have due so I felt like I needed a blogging break. I'm just sitting here in my dorm room listening to the Bee Gees, who are my new favorite band. Seriously, you need to look up some of the Bee Gees music besides Stayin' Alive! They are amazing! I want their song How Deep Is Your Love played at my wedding. While I'm listening to them I was just looking at and I really want to get my nails done. I want to have pretty Asian 3D nails with bows and lace and jewels and everything pretty! I was also looking at the Kawaii Nails webstore and I am so drooling over all the nails! I need them! Please enjoy the pictures below :)

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