Sunday, April 10, 2011

Subscription Sunday #2

Hello! I'm sorry this isn't really being posted or written on sunday, but it was my birthday so I kind of forgot until just now. Last sunday I featured Harry and Alfie, and this sunday I'll be featuring one of their friends BriBry! BriBry is a very charming person who is doing a "Things To Do Before You Die" series of videos on YouTube. Like last week, I'll post all his links and one of his videos below. The money he makes from his channel goes towards keeping his series running and cancer research because one of his good friends, who recently passed away, was suffering from cancer. Currently, he's traveling around the world. I highly reccomend giving his videos a watch! I watched all of them in one day because they were so fun and BriBry is a really funny and nice person. BriBry also does music, which is pretty good stuff. I hope you check him out and enjoy his videos!

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